MOC63u – Moisture Analyzer

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MOC63u – Moisture Analyzer Min. 0.02 g - Max. 60 gMass 0.001 g - Moisture Ratio 0.01 %95 mm dia.Halogen (straight tube) Rated at 400 W POR
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Protective Display Cover (5 pcs) POR
Aluminum Pans (Disposable) (50 pcs) POR
Fiberglass Sheets (For liquid sample measurements) (100 pcs) POR
Temperature Calibration Kit POR
Sample Pan (Stainless steel) (5 pcs) POR
Sample Pan (Aluminum) (5 pcs) POR
RS-232C Cable POR
USB Cable Set POR
Sample Pan Handler (Stainless steel) POR
Halogen Heater (For replacement) * POR
power cable POR
Weight Box POR
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Feature & Benefits

  • Reliable Moisture Content Measurements with UniBloc Technology
  • Halogen (straight tube) as a Heat Source.
  • USB and RS232C Port for Data Transfer.
  • LCD with Back Light
  • Spacious Pan Size of 95mm diameter
  • Multiple Measurement modes for sample analysis
  • Printing in accordance with ISO , GLP/GMP Standards with Date and Time
  • Energy Savings: 30% Reduction over previous models


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